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METs & VO2 According to Treadmill Speed & Grade


Treadmill Speed mph
Treadmill Grade %

Metabolic Equivalents METs
Effort Capacity



This calculator allows you to estimate the METs and VO2 given the treadmill speed and the grade. It is useful for situations when you want to use the non-standard treadmill protocol to find out exactly how much the patient can do.

Speed = Treadmill Speed * 26.8
Horizontal Component (HC) = Speed * 0.1
Vertical Component (VC) = Speed * 1.8 * Grade

VO2 = HC + VC + Rest = HC + VC + 3.5 mL/kg/min

Mets =

Treadmill Speed [mph]
Treadmill Grade [%]

Metabolic Equivalents [METs]
Effort Capacity Mets
Excellent >=13
Good 10-12
Fair 7-9
Reduced 5-6
Poor <=4

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