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LV Mass and LV Mass Index


LVEDD mm Height
IVSd mm Weight
PWd mm Gender Male

LV Mass g
LV Mass Index g/m2



Reference Ranges & Partition Values for LV Mass Indexed To BSA (g/m2)

Female Male
Reference Range 43-95 49-115
Mildly Abnormal 96-108 116-131
Moderately Abnormal 109-121 132-148
Severely Abnormal ≥122 ≥149

LV Mass and LV Mass Index

Left ventricular mass and left ventricular mass indexed to body surface area estimated by LV cavity dimension and wall thickness at end-diastole.

Relative wall thickness (RWT) allows further classification of LV mass increase as either concentric hypertrophy (RWT >0.42) or eccentric hypertrophy (RWT ≤0.42).

LV Mass (g) = 0.8{1.04[([LVEDD + IVSd +PWd]3 - LVEDD3)]} + 0.6
2 * PWd

Variable Definition
LVEDD LV end-diastolic dimension (mm)
IVSd Interventricular septal thickness at end-diastole (mm)
PWd Posterior wall thickness at end-diastole (mm)
1.04 Specific gravity of the myocardium (g/cm3)
Weight Weight (kg or lb)
Height Height (cm or in)
LV Mass LV Mass
LVMI LV Mass Indexed to Body Surface Area (g/m2)
RWT Relative wall thickness


Lang RM, et al. Recommendations for chamber quantification. J Am Soc Echocardiogr 2005; 18:1454-7.
Devereux RB, et al. Echocardiographic assessment of left ventricular hypertrophy: comparison to necropsy findings. Am J Cardiol 1986;57:450-8.


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