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dP/dt Isovolumic Phase Index of RV Contractility


Time ms (1-2 m/s TR)

dP/dt mmHg/s



The RV contractility dP/dt can be estimated by using time interval between 1 and 2 m/sec on TR velocity CW spectrum during isovolumetric contraction i.e. before pulmonic valve opens when there is no significant change in RA pressure.

Although the time from 1 to 2 m/s is most commonly used, the best correlation between echocardiographic and invasive measures was found by using the time for the TR velocity to increase from 0.5 to 2 m/s. In this case the numerator for the calculation is 15 mmHg.

dP/dt =

Variable Definition
T Time (1 to 2 m/sec TR) (seconds, s)
dP/dt dP/dt (mmHg/s)
Likely Abnormal <400 mmHg/s


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