About the Canadian Society of Echocardiography

Mission Statement

The Canadian Society of Echocardiography (CSE) is a non-profit organization of Cardiovascular professionals committed to excellence in Echocardiography, and promotion and delivery of quality echocardiographic services across Canada.

CSE Achievement Awardees

2012 David Bewick, St. John, NB

2011 Jeffrey Smallhorn, Edmonton, AB

2010 Philippe Pibarot, Qubec City, QC

2009 Bibiana Cujec, Edmonton, AB

2008 Trevor Robinson, Toronto, ON

2007 Anthony Sanfilippo, Kingston, ON

2006 Gary Burggraf, Kingston, ON

2005 Lise-Andree Mercier, Montreal, QC

2004 Israel Belenkie, Calgary, AB

2003 Kwan Chan, Ottawa, ON

2002 Bodh Jugdutt, Edmonton, AB

2001 Derek Boughner, London, ON

2000 Eldon Smith, Calgary, AB

1999 Jean Dumesnil, Quebec, QC

1998 Harry Rakowski, Toronto, ON


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